Friedman Runt 20
  • Friedman Runt 20
  • Friedman Runt 20
  • Friedman Runt 20

Friedman Runt 20W Head


Friedman amplifier, model Runt 20, 2 channels, 2 EL84, bright, clean and boost on the OD channel, with fooswitch. Recommended cab: 1x12' closed back, equipped with Celestion Creamback 65.

Friedman Runt 20 Head

20-Watt dual channel all-tube
2xEL-84, 3x12AX-7
Clean ch1 with volume and bright switch
Lead ch2 with volume, gain, T/M/B
sortie XLR output with cab simulation and ground lift
recording output w/o speaker
ultra transparent fx loop
8 & 16 ohm selector

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A true killer this Friedman Runt20. Last arrived from the Fredman range, two-channel amp, not only it sends loads of brit voiced tunes, but it also produces the FAMOUS Friedman high gain hot rod sound we're all after. Controls are yet simple, yet effective on the ch1 (with the addition of a bright switch), whereas the ch2 has a complete tone control and reaches high gain levels that are just breathtaking.

Ultra light, ultra compact and easy to carry, with a Footswitch, FX loop and boost, it also has a cab simulation the allows to record without using the speaker. In short, it is the ideal toolbox for home/rehearsal/Studio/gigs.

We propose it with a two year warranty.