Fender Jazzmaster 1961

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Vintage Fender electric guitar, Jazzmaster model from 1961, entirely original, in very good condition +++.

Fender Jazzmaster 1961

Body: alder
Neck: maple
Fretboard: Brazilian rosewood
Pickups: 2 Fender Jazzmaster "Black-bottom" single-coils
Bridge: original Jazzmaster tremolo system
Electronics: 2 circuits (main & jazz)

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This Jazzmaster from 1961 has all original parts and is in very good condition+++. The body is alder, the neck is maple with a C profile, the slab board fretboard is Brazilian rosewood. It sports a 7.25" radius and 21 frets. It is equipped with 2 Jazzmaster single-coil Fender "Black-bottom" pickups, the electronic circuit characteristic of this model, and the original Jazzmaster floating vibrato. The tuners are Kluson single line aligned, and the pickguard is a 4-ply Brown Tortoise. The scale length is 25.5". The original case is supplied and in good condition.

When Fender introduced the Jazzmaster in 1958, the firm thought of replacing the Stratocaster as a top of the line model. The offset design was designed to offer better balance and greater playing comfort. Besides, as the name implies, the Jazzmaster was also an attempt by Fender to enter the jazz market and compete with Gibson. It was the first Fender guitar with a rosewood fretboard, equipped with more jazzy pickups and high-end finishes.

On this particular guitar, the body is very lightweight, despite its imposing size and the fact that it does not have a massive vibrato kick. The woods have aged and dried naturally, which provides a very stable feel, especially on the neck. The body-neck junction specific to this model gives it a cohesion from the lutherie point of view whose effects can be heard when it is played. The resonance is sublime, and the sustain is impressive for this type of guitar (bolt-on, tonewoods). This 1961 resonates incredibly well.

The Jazzmaster was also the first Fender to carry a rosewood fretboard. It is a Brazilian rosewood slab board that surmounts the neck made of a single piece of maple. The C-profile is very comfortable to hold, and the access to the upper range is especially good, which makes it a beast for both leads and rhythms. The vibrato system (tremolo and floating bridge with individually adjustable saddles) works impeccably. The original tuners are in perfect condition: the guitar is absolutely functional and reliable, and stays in tune across several songs in concert. 

The Jazzmaster's electronic circuitry, which allows two different tone and volume settings to be preset and switched between them with a simple flip of a switch, is a stroke of genius from Leo. One circuit controls only the neck pickup (the rhythm circuit), and the other (the main circuit) has a three-way toggle switch to select the two pickups alone or together. All these components are original and in excellent condition: they work silently. 

On the pickups side, the guitar is equipped with shielded brass cavities and an aluminum protective grille, as the large single coils are susceptible to hum and circuit noise. Besides, the two pickups are mirrored (coil winding and polarity), which provides a hum-canceling effect when played together.

This guitar is a design masterpiece, and a marvel given its condition and the intrinsic qualities of this particular model. And even if you're not a master of jazz, you might find a lot of interest and pleasure in playing it, just like the alternative rock guitarists who put it on the map of the genre. If you are a collector, this is an exceptional piece and investment.

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