Fender Precision Bass 1966

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Vintage Fender electric bass, Precision Bass model from 1966, 3 tone Sunburst finish, in good condition+++.

Fender Precision Bass 1966

Body: alder
Neck: maple
Fretboard: rosewood
Pickup: Precision Bass split single coil
Electronics: volume, tone

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This model is one of the last of the famous L series, whose sound and craftsmanship quality is unequaled to this day. It is a 1966 Fender Precision Bass, in very good condition, entirely original, except for the potentiometers and cables that have been swapped due to wear. The work was done by a professional. The black pickguard is not original, but we will fit a period correct tortoise pickguard if you wish. It is delivered without a case, as the original was lost, but you can just ask us to provide you with one.

The Precision Bass is one of the two designs originally patented by Leo Fender (the other is the Telecaster). With it, he unleashed the spirit of rock 'n roll, which was able to pour out to the world with its dangerous and provocative attitude. No more upright basses without amplification; bass players could now rock the house to the max. Gone were the fretboards without frets and the resulting rough tones, hence the name: Precision Bass.

The alder body is impressively light for an instrument of this size. At the time, the best parts were all still available, and the more than 50 years that have passed have given it time to dry well. Result: 3.95 kg. The nitrocellulose varnish is wonderful and has a good patina, enhancing the 3-tone Sunburst with great elegance. The visible wood grain shows the exceptional quality of the pieces used since they are all parallel. The resonance is incredible.

The maple neck is mounted with an Indian rosewood fretboard of exceptional quality (at the time, there were no restrictions and the best wood pieces were therefore available for craftsmen). This fretboard is laminated (round lam), meaning that it is a cut that follows the radius, as on all Fender guitars and basses of those years. This gives it an enlarged contact surface between the fretboard and the neck, and therefore a better transfer of vibrations. The profile is a relatively flat C, and ultra-comfortable.

The pickup is the original P-Bass, which, despite being lonely, offers a tonal palette that can magnify the musician's groove in all genres, from blues to metal, country, pop, of course, hard-rock and reggae. It's not a legend undeservingly. Thanks to its split design, it is very quiet. And since the pots have been changed, they obviously don't spit. As for the rest of the hardware, it's in the best possible condition.

This instrument is a rare gem and promises its next owner years of pleasure playing a bass at the top of its class in terms of workmanship and sound quality. As for collectors, they will find here an investment that will never lose its value.

Additional photos on request.