Fender Jaguar 1965

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Vintage Fender guitar, 1965 Jaguar model, in excellent condition+++.

Fender Jaguar 1965

Body: alder
Neck: maple
Fretboard: Brazilian rosewood
Pickups: 2 single Fender Jaguar pickups with notched side plates
Bridge: Jaguar tremolo system
Electronics: 2 circuits (rhythm and lead)

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This Jaguar came out in 1965 from the Fender workshops is a very famous L-series instrument, in excellent condition (excellent condition +++). The quality of workmanship as well as the sound pay tribute to the reputation of this exceptional guitar range. Apart from the tuners, which have been replaced by a model identical to the originals, it is entirely original. The hardware and finish are practically free of wear. The original trunk is supplied, and it is in excellent condition. 

Introduced by Fender in 1962, the Jaguar has taken a unique spot in the electric guitar world with its alternative design, its peculiar electronics, and its floating vibrato. Although few classical rock musicians have adopted it, it has been successful with punk, grunge, and indie rock guitarists.

The alder body of this guitar has dried well, and resonates beautifully. Because the design of the vibrato does not imply a massive high, and because of the large volume of the body, it is not as light an instrument as a Strat or a Tele. But it is this relatively full body that also contributes to the guitar's significant resonance. The offset form provides a phenomenal balance in both sitting and standing positions. It is a comfortable guitar, with contours that fit the body perfectly in all positions. The short scale also contributes to the ease with which it can be played.

The neck is made of quartersawn maple with very little wear on the frets. The years have passed, and thanks to this cut, it is incredibly stable. Its C-profile is very easy to play. The varnish is still wholly present. Evidently, this is a guitar that has not been played much, and that it has been very well maintained. The Brazilian rosewood fretboard is beautiful. It is laminated (round lam), that is to say that it has been cut following the radius, which has the advantage of giving it a larger contact surface with the neck, thus a better transfer of vibrations. Combined with a pocket for the heel of the neck which is very precisely adjusted, the whole contributes to produce a guitar that provides a great effect of cohesion, both in the playing sensations and in the sound.

The two single-coil pickups with serrated side plates are controlled by the series of switches specific to this model. All of them are in excellent condition and work perfectly. The potentiometers, which are very reactive and have a progressive stroke, are completely silent.

In spite of the years, this guitar has only suffered a very slight wear. The 3 tone Sunburst finish, which was the standard finish of the Jaguar in 1965, is beautiful. The neck and body woods have aged very well. The electronics are impeccable. This is a vintage guitar whose essential characteristics, general condition and sound will satisfy the collector as well as the musician.

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