Gibson SG Junior Vintage Cherry Lightly Aged


Gibson electric guitar, SG Junior model, Vintage Cherry finish, Lightly Aged by Servette-Music. Mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, one P-90 pickup.

Gibson SG Junior VC LA

Body: mahogany
Neck: set mahogany neck, Slim Taper profile
Fingerboard: rosewood
Pickup: P-90
Bridge: Compensated Wraparound
Electronics/controls: volume, tone

  • Gibson SG Junior VC LA
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Gibson has forever engraved its name in the hall of fame of guitar, from jazz to rock, blues and metal. Founded in 1894 by Orville H. Gibson in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, the company has revolutionized the guitar world with technical and aesthetic innovations such as the humbuckers or the Flying V, Explorer and Firebird shapes. With ambassadors like Charlie Christian and Slash, or Tommi Iommi and, of course, Lester Polfus, Gibson crosses the ages and musical styles, and stands out as a must-have brand of guitar, both electric and acoustic.

Servette-Music has partnered with the best specialists in the region in reproducing the natural aging of vintage guitars. The result is striking. Three levels of finishing, Lightly Aged, Aged, and Heavy Aged, allow us to offer you standard production guitars with the patina and charisma usually reserved for instruments from the major brands' Custom Shops.

It looks like this guitar is a one-trick pony, only able to shake the house. But it's just a misunderstanding. This SG Junior shows tremendous potential with its lonesome P-90 pickup, whose volume knob will help expand the capabilities. Because let's face it: there's a whole world between Derek Trucks and Tommi Iommi, and that's the space this beautiful guitar covers. So yes, you'll be tempted to shake the house, and you'll be right. But if you feel like it, you can approach more laid-back styles. Maybe not country music, but this guitar isn't dressed for it anyway.

Two years warranty from our workshop.