Fender CS Tele 61 Relic RW AOWT


Fender Custom Shop electric guitar, Tele 61 Relic model, Aged Olympic White finish. Alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 2 Custom Shop Hand-Wound Texas Special Single-Coil Tele pickups.

Fender CS Tele 61 Relic RW

Body: alder
Scale length: 25.5"
Neck: bolt-on rosewood neck with C-shaped profile
Fingerboard: rosewood, with a 9.5" radius
Frets: 21 Narrow Tall frets
Pickups: 2 Custom Shop Hand-Wound Texas Special Single-Coil Tele
Bridge: 3 saddles standard string-through bridge 
Tuners: vintage tuning machines
Electronics/controls: 3 positions pickup switch, master volume, master tone

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The flagship of Fender's production, instruments from the Custom Shop range are guitars and basses that meet the highest quality standards, be it in the wood selection, the pickups winding, the finishes or the overall build quality. This results in highly reliable instruments with inimitable sound, providing great playability.

Although it is only a prototype, Leo believes he has perfected his art with the Strat. This Tele is a very accomplished prototype. Of course, there are no contours, and the handle is a bit thick. Of course, it makes some noise when you don't play it because they are single coils. Ok, it's rough, it doesn't forgive mistakes... Still, even if it is, as Brad Paisley says, "a cutting board with a neck", it's also a rock 'n roll beast. Like Sergio said when he picked it up: "Damn it, it's a beast!"

And you've seen Sergio, he's not thick, but he lifted it by himself because it's so light. The woods have dried well, their grain is very tight, and the stability is absolute. It shouldn't be affected much by the weather, and you could probably even play it in the rain. The quartersawn neck will help maintain this stability, and the rosewood fingerboard adds something distinguished, both visually and in terms of feel. The Oval C neck profile and Narrow Tall frets provide a comfortable playing experience.

The pickups are the space in which this scraper particularly shines. The Texas Specials are not particularly known for their warmth—on the contrary. Those single-coils have explosive mids and highs, with a presence that the best engineers couldn't drown in the mix. But this hand-wound version provides something a little more... tame, for lack of a better word. The process didn't add lows: instead, it seems like it cleaned up space around it so that it could come out.

This guitar is delivered in its trunk with the usual Custom Shop accessories and its certificate of authenticity. 

Two years warranty in our workshop.