Fender CS Jazz Bass 60 Ltd RW NOS OWT


Fender Custom Shop bass guitar, Jazz Bass '60 Limited model, Olympic White finish.

Fender CS Jazz Bass 60

Body: alder
Neck: maple profile 60 JB U-shaped handle
Fretboard: rosewood flat lam
Frets: 20 Medium Jumbo frets
Pickups: 2 Vintage Jazz Bass Rhythm & Lead pickups
Bridge: 64
Hard case included

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The flagship of Fender's production, instruments from the Custom Shop range are guitars and basses that meet the highest quality standards, be it in the wood selection, the pickups winding, the finishes or the overall build quality. This results in highly reliable instruments with inimitable sound, providing great playability.

The offset body of the Jazz Bass was developed by Leo to meet the demands of musicians who felt that the Precision was not balanced enough. The man was a good listener, and that's undoubtedly one of the factors in his instruments' success. With a slightly narrower fretboard than the Precision's, the Jazz Bass also increases playing comfort by facilitating virtuoso fingering. Having two pickups, which can be combined, offers an extensive range of tones: the neck pickup is round, and its pulse is intense, while the bridge pickup is very punchy, with a lot of brightness and overtones, and pronounced mids. Together they produce a velvety tone, with a strong presence and a very organic natural compression.

The body is particularly well balanced on the model we have chosen, and the wood is beautiful. The vacuum instrument sounds superb, and it breathes the groove. The Olympic White varnish is sublime, and the period-correct Tortoise pickguard adds to the ensemble's undeniable class. The hand-wound pickups have great warmth and a deep timbre, which is never really dull: the notes are distinguished from each other with great clarity. The master tone pot can darken the whole if the music requires it.

Reliable, elegant, and infinitely musical, this Jazz Bass is made to impress with its timeless character the pieces to which you want to give a solid foundation. It comes in its CS case with all the accessories and its certificate of authenticity.

Two years warranty from our workshop.