Gibson CS Les Paul '60 60th Anniversary VOS Wide Tomato Burst


Exceptional Gibson Custom Shop electric guitar. Les Paul Standard 1960 60th Anniversary model, Vintage Original Specs series, Wide Tomato Burst finish.

Gibson CS LP ST 60th VOS

Body: mahogany with AAA grade flamed maple top
Scale length: 24.75"
Neck: mahogany, '60s profile
Fretboard: rosewood, 12" radius
Frets: 22 medium jumbo frets
Pickups: 2 Custombuckers
Bridge: Tune-O-Matic & Stop Bar tailpiece
Tuners: Vintage Style Keystones
Electronics/controls: 3 positions pickup switch, 2 volumes, 2 tones

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Gibson has forever inscribed his name in the guitar's pantheon, from jazz to rock, blues to metal. Founded in 1894 by Orville H. Gibson in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, the company revolutionized the guitar world with innovations such as the humbuckers or the Flying V, Explorer, and Firebird shapes. With ambassadors ranging from Charlie Christian to Slash, through Tommi Iommi and, of course, Lester Polfus, Gibson has traveled through the ages and musical styles and has established itself as a leading brand of electric and acoustic guitar.

The VOS (Vintage Original Spec) line is a Custom Shop production that carefully recreates the brand's historical models. It uses the specifications and components (wood, electronics, etc.) specific to this time. The guitars are carefully designed to offer instruments of exceptional quality, faithful to their origins, and that provide the same sensations as a guitar produced at the time, which would have been played and carefully maintained throughout that time.

For the Les Paul '60's 60th anniversary, Gibson reaffirms the quality of its production, the genius of its inventions, and the attention to detail of its luthiers. This model features a one-piece body of carefully selected, lightweight mahogany and a flamed AAA maple top, with a finish and pattern providing one of the most accurate vintage impressions we've seen in the store. The Wide Tomato Burst finish is to die for.

When you lift it up, you immediately realize the care that has been put into this guitar. The resonance is superb, the finish is impeccable, the authenticity is absolute. This musical instrument bears the same nobility as a Steinway piano, a Selmer sax, or a Stradivarius violin.  This is no joke. The mahogany neck is glued with long tenon, and the profile is quite thin, like that of the modern Les Pauls. It is delightful to play and rests firmly within the hand when playing chords at the top of the neck. As for the rest, whether you want to drone heavy or subtle rhythms, or slip out bewitching or nervous leads, it allows you to do so with great ease and comfort.

Both Custombuckers deliver soft, creamy tones. On this guitar, they are a little more aggressive than on others we've played, which gives them an extra edge. Basically, this guitar won't be confined to blues/rock/hard-rock. You could push it into New Wave of British Heavy Metal territory by playing it through a suited amp. A truly unique guitar.

2-year warranty from our workshop.