Fender CS Strat 60 LTD20 Relic RW F3TSB


Fender Custom Shop electric guitar, Strat 60 LTD20 model, Relic Sunburst 3 tone finish, rosewood fingerboard. A marvel in the purest tradition.

Fender CS Strat 60 LTD20 F3TSB

Body: alder
Scale length: 25.5"/648 mm
Neck: bolt-on maple with oval-C profile
Fingerboard: maple, with a 9.5"/241 mm radius
Frets: 21 frets
Pickups: 3 handwound Texas Special pickups
Bridge: 6-saddles vintage-style synchronized tremolo
Tuners: vintage
Electronics/controls: 5 positions pickup switch, master volume, tone 1 (neck pickup), tone 2 (center pickup)

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The flagship of Fender's production, instruments from the Custom Shop range are guitars and basses that meet the highest quality standards, be it in the wood selection, the pickups winding, the finishes or the overall build quality. This results in highly reliable instruments with inimitable sound, providing great playability.

No matter what, the Stratocaster is one of the most comfortable guitars, and it represents blues as well as rock. You only have to look at the covers of compilations of these genres. This model, with its Relic finish, 3-tone Sunburst sound and rosewood fingerboard, is the icon of the genre. And it honors it wonderfully.

When unplugged, it already resonates a lot and suggests - rightly so - that the woods selected by the Custom Shop have been dried for a long time, and that they have aged very well. The proof is that the neck is perfectly stable and that it is rather light. The oval-C neck is easy to grip and feels like it fills the hand, but "not too much": it's easy to get up and down the neck, there's no need to get tense. The fingerboard has a very tight grain and a nice dark color, which gives a subtle warmth to the tone when plugged in.

In fact, this is where Texas Special Handwound pickups reveal the fundamental quality of this jewel: a full, big, and generous tone. It's a Strat; the tone is not fat, but it overflows with harmonics, and the low, as well as the midrange, assert a presence that, without masking the imperfections of one's playing style, sublimates a delicate touch or an assertive attack in each of the positions. The electronics come as no surprise, since they are impeccable, as is every detail of this limited edition beauty that we have chosen for you.

It comes with a certificate of authenticity and accessories in a Custom Shop case.

2 years warranty from our workshop.