Fender Telecaster 1959

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Fender electric guitar, 1959 Telecaster model, completely original, case included.

Fender Tele 1959

Body: alder
Neck: maple, C-profile
Fingerboard: Brazilian rosewood, slab-board
Frets: 21 frets in good condition (original)
Bridge: 3 bridges, through ropes
Pickups: 2 original Fender Telecaster Standard pickups
Electronics and controls: master volume, master tone, 3-position pickup selector switch, pre-CBS Tele wiring
Original brown Tolex case included

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This is an all-original 1959 Fender Telecaster Standard, maple reed with Brazilian rosewood "slab-board" fingerboard, spaghetti logo, Kluson mechanics, with intact welds, factory finished, pre-CBS wiring. The body shows very light marks, a few scratches, and the instrument is perfectly set up.

Apart from the pedigree, which makes all the difference for the collector of vintage instruments, this is still about music: is the tone up to the expectations one is entitled to have, considering the date of birth? Spoiler-alert: oh yes it is!

Close your eyes, clear your mind. Now let the truest Telecaster tone you can imagine come to you. Well this is it. This guitar sounds just like this.

With the bridge pickup, the harmonics burst, and the presence in the mid frequencies makes the amp's speakers rattle more than vibrate. With the neck pickup, you get roundness and brightness like a piano. The balance of the pickups is impeccable, which is quite rare on a vintage Tele. The overall timbre is incomparable, as it is both full and stiff at the same time.

The playing comfort is just immense because the neck of the '59 is so perfect. The ultra-comfortable C-profile grows and flattens at the end, providing the very characteristic ergonomics of those years, and it's a treat. Especially since the weight of this guitar is much lower than that of many of its relatives, showcasing the ultimate resonance of the woods. In short, it's heavenly...

All in all, this vintage guitar can be considered as being in excellent condition considering its age. Delivered with its pickup cover and its original case in brown Tolex with logo, it is truly an exceptional instrument for the collector, and simply above all for the musician.

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