Bogner Helios Eclipse


Bogner tube amp, Helios Eclipse model, 100 Watts, 3 channels, 4xEL34, 1 input, 3-way voicing switches, effects loop, Variac power reduction switch.

Bogner Helios Eclipse

3 channels
100W (Variac power reduction switch)
Preamp: 5 x JJ ECC83
Power stage: 4 x EL34
Controls: 3-band EQ, presence, 3-way voicing switches for channels 2 & 3
Inputs: 1x1/4"
Outputs: 2x1/4" (4 Ohms), 2x1/4" (8 Ohms), 1x1/4" (16 Ohms)
Effects Loop
4-button footswitch included

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Designed to deliver modern Plexi Hi-Gain tones, the Bogner Helios Eclipse 100 offers a huge gain range and impressive clarity at every level. It's an aggressive 3-channel amp, with a dedicated clear channel and two overdrive channels with huge potential. The clean channel is driven by volume and presence controls, while the drive channels offer a complete tone control stack, with presence and 3-position switches to modify the character of the overdrive.

These 3-way switches for the drive channels offer interesting possibilities: "H" for the Hot mode (same effect as the Hot input on the Helios 100 head), "80" for more gain and compression (JCM800 style) and "Eclipse" for even more gain and a more open voicing, typical Bogner. For channel 3, the "Eclipse" switch even displays "Eclipse +". Can you imagine what's over the top there?

In addition to all this, the Helios Eclipse 100 is equipped with an effects loop to easily integrate your effects pedals. And if you do not use an effects processor, or if you place them in front of your amp instead of the loop, you can use the effects loop as a
switchable clean boost by simply plugging a guitar cable from send to return. You now only needs to find a place that will let you take advantage of the 100 gigantic Watts this amp sends your way. But you know Bogner: the Variac power reduction switch is incredibly effective, and allows a full tone even at lower volume.

2 years warranty of our workshop.