Backbeat Custom Drums 0009

Backbeat Custom drums snare, 0009 model, 8 ply maple, 14x7, classic lugs, white oyster finish.

Backbeat CD 0009

Brand: Backbeat Custom Drums
Series: 0009
Drum size: 14x7
Lugs: classic
Shell: 8 ply maple
Finish: White Oyster

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  • Backbeat CD 0009
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Backbeat, is a new brand of snare drums manufactured in our workshop with only the best of the best. Our drying method of raw woods enables the shell to vibrate and resonate in the largest possible sound spectrum.

This new line allows you to choose wood, grain, dimension, finish and bearing edges. Moreover, lugs, strainers, wires and drumheads can be chosen. Finish types will cover all PVCs to all lacquer, as well as a large range of natural satin waxes.

This 8 ply maple is particularly adapted to the classic rock territory, generating an important output volume with a large sounding spectrum of tones for an amazing sounding snare.

A product which is 100% manufactured in our workshop with only the best materials available. With a two year warranty, parts and labor.