• CABART 74


Cabart 74 intermediate oboe, Conservatoire system, made in France by Lorée.

Lorée Cabart 74

Key : C
Pitch : A = 440-443 Hz
Body : selected grenadilla
Keywork : silver-plated nickel-silver
Pads : cork
Full semi-automatic system (with the exception of the Gillet key)
Lightweight case included

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Cabart is the second line to Lorée, the famous oboe maker who, since 1881,  manufactures quality instruments in the Parisian area. This intermediate quality instrument is the best by far in its category in terms of acoustics, construction and durability.

Made in seasoned premium grenadilla wood, it features a silver-plated nickel-plated full Conservatoire semi-automatic system, with the exception of the Gillet key. In compliance with Lorées'quality standard, the accurate keywork construction is remarkable. This instrument is also padded with cork for durability. With a reasonable maintenance, this Cabart will give you at least twenty years of satisfaction. It's a long term investment.

Introduced in 1974, it has gathered great popularity from music academies ever since. In regard with its excellent intonation, its superb tone and reliability, it is a great purchase for the intermediate serious student. A great value for your money !