Bourgeois OM-C Soloist Madagascar

Bourgeois OM-C Soloist Madagascar folk guitar, Carpathian spruce top, Madagascar rosewood back and sides. Serial number: 9594.
Bourgeois OM-C Soloist Madagascar

Top: Carpathian Spruce
Back & Sides: Madagascar Rosewood
Fingerboard: Ebony
Finish: High Gloss

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  • Bourgeois OM-C Soloist Madagascar
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Bourgeois guitars made in Lewiston, Maine are pure American acoustic guitars, built with unparalleled attention to detail. From the selection of woods to the hardware, each guitar is unique, and two guitars of the same model receive highly personalized attention that gives them a unique quality. The small team of craftsmen provides a particular life to these instruments, making compatible assortments to determine the tone of each guitar according to its size and shape. They are hand-carved, and each one benefits from the involvement of Dana Bourgeois himself at many stages of production, who carries out quality control of each piece.

The Bourgeois OM-C Soloist is a fantastic guitar that we had the pleasure of choosing for its aesthetic as well as sonic qualities. It is a 25.5" scale OM with a cutaway for better access to the treble, a Carpathian spruce top, Madagascar rosewood back and sides, and a mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard. From the wood species to the metal of the tuning machines, every element is of the highest grade. The finish is absolutely impeccable, and the sound is prodigious.

Once you grab it, it's an OM through and through: it sits comfortably on the thigh, nestles easily under the arm, and the left hand finds its bearings with great ease. The ease of play offered by the Bourgeois neck is simply amazing, as we did not experience any fatigue when fingering, whether it be chords or arpeggios. The cutaway on our model makes it even easier to get to the high notes, making this guitar a serious option for those looking for an instrument that can keep up with more virtuosic blues or percussive playing techniques.

The scalloped Bourgeois spruce bracing makes the room feel larger, so to speak: the quality of sound projection is deep and even, meaning that harmonic richness persists across fairly large spaces. The Madagascar rosewood attenuates the presence of high frequencies, and thus brings a warmth that envelops the sound. We were especially impressed by the ease with which this guitar can be played in an ensemble, on stage or in the studio, thanks to the balance of the sound it projects, whether played with the fingers or the pick.

2 year warranty from our workshop.