Lowden F35 EB/SR George Lowden 70th Anniversary

Lowden F35 EB/SR George Lowden 70th Anniversary folk guitar, sequoia top, ebony back and sides. Serial number: 24645.
Lowden F35 EB/SR George Lowden 70th Anniversary

Top: Sinker Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirens)
Back & sides: Ebony (Diospyros Celabica)
Neck: 5 piece Mahogany/Rosewood
Fingerboard: Ebony

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  • Lowden F35 EB/SR George Lowden 70th Anniversary
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Based in the Belfast region of Northern Ireland, George Lowden revolutionized the world of folk guitars in the mid-1970s with a fiercely innovative and personal concept: a steel-string guitar with a projection comparable to the finest classical concert guitars, combined with incredible power and sustain. Unlike the American guitars of that time, which required a more vigorous pick attack due to their compression, Lowden guitars immediately caught attention and have continued to captivate guitarists in search of unparalleled sound and aesthetics.

The Lowden F35 EB/SR George Lowden 70th Anniversary is more than just an instrument; it is a timeless work of art. Designed to celebrate George Lowden's 70th birthday, this guitar embodies the essence of his dedication to quality and innovation. Whether for use in the studio, on stage or simply for the pleasure of playing at home, this guitar guarantees an unforgettable musical experience and is a testament to the genius of the luthier who designed it. For guitar enthusiasts looking for the ultimate in musical expression, the Lowden F35 EB/SR George Lowden 70th Anniversary is an unbeatable choice and a legacy to cherish.

This F35 features a carefully chosen selection of unique components. The woods were hand-picked by George personally, and he also decided on the specs. And finally: only 70 of these guitars are available. With subtle aesthetic details and a unique style, this 70th Anniversary Edition guitar delivers a warm, racy sound thanks to its Sinker Redwood zable (Sequoia Sempervirens, yes, yes) and ebony body (from Diospyros Celabica). This fabulous wood combination is very forgiving, as the red cedar top naturally compresses the sound, producing a real treat for fingers and ears.


It comes with official wood provenance documentation, an internal label personally signed by George, a decorative inlay on the LXX fingerboard and a Soundbox Bevel.

2-year warranty from our workshop.