Fender CS Strat 64 JRN Relic RW Faded Aged FR

Fender CS Strat 64 JRN Relic electric guitar, Faded Aged Fiesta Red finish, rosewood fingerboard. Serial number: CZ565821.
Fender CS Strat 64 Ltd JRN Relic RW Faded Aged FR

Body: alder
Neck: bolt-on maple, 60's C profile
Fingerboard: AAA rosewood, 9.5" radius
Frets: 21 narrow tall frets
Pickups: 3 HW Strat 64 single-coil pickups
Bridge: 6-saddles vintage-style synchronized tremolo
Tuners: vintage
Controls: 5 positions pickup switch, master volume, tone 1 (neck pickup), tone 2 (center pickup)

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  • Fender CS Strat 64 Ltd JRN Relic RW Faded Aged FR
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The flagship of Fender's production, instruments from the Custom Shop range are guitars and basses that meet the highest quality standards, be it in the wood selection, the pickups winding, the finishes or the overall build quality. This results in highly reliable instruments with inimitable sound, providing great playability.

The '64 Stratocaster is one of the most accomplished versions of Leo Fender's design, especially since by now the production shops had perfected every detail. This Custom Shop proudly embodies the legend, with a light and resonant alder body, AAA rosewood fingerboard and hand-wound Strat Fat 64 pickups. It really feels like an instrument made for the musician in your hands (or lap, or shoulders). And when you look at the details, you notice a very high degree of precision. The Faded Aged Fiesta Red finish is beautifully done, right down to the smallest of scratches, and the neck is as perfect a fit as the laws of physics allow.


We plugged it in - to find out a little more. The Fat 64 pickups make it a hair warmer than the usual Strat, and you can attack the amp with enough spunk to push it straight past breakup by acting on the volume pot. The neck position is round and gives a slightly fat sound that makes its brilliance explode even more. The middle positions are completely typical, there are no surprises, except that maybe when you push the gain and play the EQ, they can sound almost like humbuckers - but hey, "you have to imagine". The middle position is super slamming, again with a bit more of an in-your-face feel. The roar of the bridge position is the final touch to convince us that this is indeed a Fat Strat.

2-year warranty from our workshop.