PRS Special Semi-Hollow 10Top Aquamarine

PRS Special Semi-Hollow 10Top electric guitar, Aquamarine finish, semi-hollow mahogany body, figured maple top, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, 2 x 58/15 LT & 1 x Narrowfield humbuckers, case included. Serial number: 0347537.
PRS Special Semi-Hollow 10Top Aquamarine

Body: chambered mahogany with 10Top flamed maple top
Scale length: 25"
Neck: mahogany set neck, Pattern profile
Fingerboard: rosewood, 10" radius
Frets: 22 frets
Pickups: 2 x 58/15 LT & 1 x Narrowfield humbuckers
Bridge: PRS Gen III Tremolo vibrato
Tuners: Phase III Locking
Controls: 5-position pickup switch, master volume, master tone, 2 mini-toggle coil-split switches

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Founded in 1985 in Stevensville, Maryland, USA, PRS Guitars (named after its founder, luthier Paul Reed Smith), took up the daring challenge of designing and producing guitars that meet the challenge of offering instruments with uncompromising sonic versatility, exceptional playing comfort, and beauty and craftsmanship of the highest level. With models such as the McCarthy and Custom 24, PRS Guitars has made a stunning entry into the world of guitar building, which it now dominates by combining the qualities of the Stratocaster (vibrato, crystal-clear sound, mellow basses, playing comfort) and the Les Paul (creamy crunch, assertive mids, endless sustain and luxurious finishes), adding a character all of its own.

The PRS Special Semi-Hollow is the ultimate guitar for players looking for a combination of playability and tonal versatility in a high quality instrument, both aesthetically and sonically. It is built with a semi-hollow chambered mahogany body and a beautiful 10Top maple top with F-hole. It features the PRS Pattern neck, a shape perfected after years of testing from the PRS Wide Fat type designed by Paul Reed Smith in the 70s and 80s. Fast and comfortable, the Pattern profile is ideal for all types of playing... It allows you to comfortably use a combination of hand positions with your thumb above and behind throughout, and switch between them effortlessly.

This Special Semi-Hollow is equipped with a trio of high-performance PRS pickups and flexible electronics that give you instant control of a formidable sonic arsenal. You get a total of 12 pickup combinations that cover everything from classic rock to edgy fusion. And of course, since this is a PRS, the build quality is flawless. This guitar does everything right.

With its exclusive PRS pickup kit and versatile switching circuitry, this PRS Special Semi-Hollow can play any style without compromising on sound. Inspired by the PAF, the 58/15 LT placed at the bridge and neck produce a rich, organic vintage sound. However, they are wound in a low-wind design, which gives the sound even more clarity and nuance. Through a tube amp, the 58/15 LT can produce fat, snarling saturations, yet maintain a crystal clear distinction of notes in the chords.

The PRS Narrowfield, deployed in the center position of the Special Semi-Hollow, is a remarkable pickup that offers the best features of a humbucker, a P-90, a traditional single coil and a mini humbucker all in one. Technically, the Narrowfield's dual coils place it in the humbucker category, while its slender shape is reminiscent of a mini humbucker (with which it unsurprisingly shares some sonic characteristics), a type of mic that has long been prized for its ability to maintain high clarity without noise even at high gain levels.

Equipped with two mini-switches that split the pickup coils for sparkling single-coil sounds, while a 5-way pickup selector switch allows for reverse-polarity sounds in positions 2 and 4, this PRS offers immense flexibility, making this Semi-Hollow Special in its gorgeous Aquamarine dress an instrument capable of producing every imaginable electric guitar sound for live performance or studio sessions.

2 year warranty from our workshop.