Gibson CS Les Paul '57 Heavy Aged Vintage Antique Gold

Gibson Custom Shop electric guitar, model Les Paul True Historic '57 Vintage Antique Gold, 1957, 2 Custom Buckers alnico III pickups in neck and bridge positions, Bigsby tremolo.

Gibson CS LP HA '57 VAG

Corps : acajou avec table en érable
Diapason : 24.75"/628.6 mm
Manche : collé en acajou, profil 57 medium chunky
Touche : palissandre, radius de 12"/304.8 mm
Frettes : 22 frettes medium jumbo
Micros : Custom Buckers alnico III
Chevalet : vibrato Bigsby
Mécaniques : bain d'huile Vintage Style Keystones
Electronique/contrôles : sélecteur micros 3 positions, 2 volumes, 2 tonalités

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Gibson has forever engraved its name in the hall of fame of guitar, from jazz to rock, blues and metal. Founded in 1894 by Orville H. Gibson in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, the company has revolutionized the guitar world with technical and aesthetic innovations such as the humbuckers or the Flying V, Explorer and Firebird shapes. With ambassadors like Charlie Christian and Slash, or Tommi Iommi and, of course, Lester Polfus, Gibson crosses the ages and musical styles, and stands out as a must-have brand of guitar, both electric and acoustic.

The True Historic range is a Custom Shop production that recreates the brand's historic models with care, strictly following specifications and selecting all the components (wood, electronics, etc.) to offer instruments of exceptional quality, faithful to their origins and providing sensations identical to that of a guitar produced at the time, that would not have been played, and carefully maintained during all this time.

This model recreates the 1957 Les Paul, with a mahogany body, a maple top and a gold top finish (here called vintage antique gold), which gives it a vintage look that it very realistic when compared to the original, and... A Bigsby tremolo! Lifting it up, the first thing that strikes is its lightness ... And the neck is chunky but confortable. It has a medium chunky profile, which fits in the hand and fills it without preventing velocity in a solo. Very nice.

The other specificity to this '57 is the balance and the strenght of its pickups, with the bridge pickup super powerful and balanced with the neck PU. As we like it. Obviously, the rosewood fingerboard, and the mahogany neck glued to the body with a long tenon provide an impressive roundness and sustain, with present but defined basses, rich mediums, and highs full of harmonics, and the tone of the pair of Custom Buckers is as creamy as expected. The Bigsby tremolo adds to the possibilities offered by this legendary guitar, which will  seduce all those who appreciate the visual cachet it provides, and like to thrill  their audience with the notes that the impressive sustain of this guitar will undoubtedly leave lingering in their ears.

All the details that made the original a legend are cleverly reproduced to offer an absolutely compelling vintage playing experience. 2 years warranty from our workshop.