EVH Wolfgang Special Striped BL/YE

EVH electric guitar, model Wolfgang Special Striped, in black finish with yellow stripes. Basswood body, maple neck, HH configuration with two EVH Wolfgang humbuckers, Floyd Rose R2 Locking vibrato.

EVH Wolfgang Sp. Str. BL/YE

Body: Basswood
Neck: maple
Pickups: 2 EVH Wolfgang humbuckers
Scale: 648 mm
Vibrato: Floyd Rose R2 Locking
Locking nut
Without case

  • EVH Wolfgang Sp. Str. BL/YE
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EVH is an américain brand developped by Eddie Van Halen himself with the help of Fender, that produces this guitar line in its American and Mexican factories, that includes electric guitars, ams and accessories, all proudly showing the logo and the master's Eddy effigy. After a number of vagrancies and acquaintances with a number of American brands (Kramer, Music Man or Peavey) Eddie Van Halen has finally chosen to part with Fender that has allowed him to do a complete range of products with his name in all serenity.

The EVH Wolfgang Special Striped in black finish with yellow stripes is first of all a magnificent visual achievement of all what the EVH world has produced along his fantastic career. Derived form the EVH "Wolfgang" models when Eddie was collaborating with Music Man, this model includes the famous stripes that made Eddie's history with his "Frankenstein" model that was carrying at that time black/white stripes on a red finish. Sober than its predecessors, this special Black/Yellow stripes however contains all what makes Eddie's DNA: high gain humbuckers, a Floyd rose vibrato with locking nut that can make you play like him and an ultra comfortable and thin neck that makes it very easy for solistic work. After having tested it form every angle, the guitar we have in stock responded very positively to all our sollicitations in Hard rock or Metal styles. A successful guitar that sounds and looks awesome. 

We propose it with a two year warranty from our workshop.