Magnatone Super Fifteen 1x12 Combo

Magnatone Super Fifteen tube combo, 15 watts, 2xEL84, 1 channel, 1x12 Magnatone Ceramic speaker, Reverb.
Magnatone Super Fifteen 1x12 Combo

Power: 15 watts, 2xEL84
1 channel
Speakers: 1x12" Magnatone Ceramic
Controls: EQ, Master, Reverb

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This is a great special edition of the Super Fifteen. If you like to push your tubes, the Magnatone Super Fifteen will take on any guitar with flying colors: single-coils, humbuckers, full-midrange, super-bright, or bass-heavy guitars, they all play superbly. No pedals are needed to operate this amp; the independent gain and master volume controls let you prime your preamp and crush your power section.A pair of EL84s in Class AB will blush for you.

Its 15 watts of tube power will be more than enough for bar/club gigs. Its reduced output and 12" speaker also give you plenty of control for recording. You'll be able to control your gain without shaking the building. Isolated line and headphone outputs provide options for silent training, monitoring, and tracking.

Today's Magnatone amps and cabinets are handcrafted in the USA. From their hand-wired circuits to their Rolls Royce covers, every component is top-notch. Powerful on stage and practical in the studio, with a beautiful retro-futuristic aesthetic, this amp is a gem.

2 year warranty from our workshop.