Marshall Studio 2525C Silver Jubilee Combo

Marshall Studio 2525C Silver Jubilee combo amp, 20 watts, 2xEL34, 2 channels, 1x12" Celestion G12M-25 speaker.
Marshall Studio 2525C Silver Jubilee Combo

2 channels
20 watts
1x12" Celestion G12M-25 speaker
Effects loop

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With the Studio Series, Marshall has finally listened to what today's guitarists are looking for. Not many people need a double stack to be heard anymore, and it's frustrating to have to rent a studio to play. The new standard is 20 watts: plenty for live and studio use, perfect for recording, manageable at home. Handcrafted in England, Point2Point built, these amps aggressively revive the legend.

Let's be clear from the start, this amp doesn't have a real clean sound. Well, not really. It crunches almost immediately if your guitar has humbuckers. For some, it's a deal breaker. For others, it's a huge quality. Ask Slash... But from crunch to overdrive, it's a delight: light and warm or smashing, it sticks to rock/hard-rock tones, without ever going into hi-gain realms (unless you boost it with a Tube Screamer).

2 years warranty from our workshop.

2 ans de garantie de notre atelier.