Marshall Studio Classic SC20H 20W Head

Marshall Studio Classic SC20H tube amp. The JCM800 in a 20 watt head!

Marshall Studio Classic SC20H 20W Head

1 Channel with high and low sensitivity inputs
Preamp based on the classic JCM 800 2203
20 Watts with power reduction to 5 watts
Tubes: 2x EL34
Controls: Preamp and Master Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass and Presence
DI out
Serial FX loop

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  • Marshall Studio Classic SC20H 20W Head
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With the Studio Series, Marshall has finally listened to what today's guitarists are looking for. Not many people need a double stack to be heard anymore, and it's frustrating to have to rent a studio to play. The new standard is 20 watts: plenty for live and studio use, perfect for recording, manageable at home. Handcrafted in England, Point2Point built, these amps aggressively revive the legend.

Honestly, it's a dream come true: the JCM800, one of the best amps in the world, and in any case the one that has carried rock and metal since the 80's, is available in a 20 watts head format. No need to buy a farm in the middle of nowhere to be able to push this beauty's creamy overdrive, it is now (almost) possible from within your apartment. No technical compromise to make either, since with its effect loop and master volume, you can dial-in your tone precisely. Or turn it all up, depending on your taste...

2 years warranty from our workshop.