Friedman BE 50 Deluxe 50W Head

Amplifier Friedman BE-50. 3-channel head, 50 Watts, 2 x EL34, a world of possibilities, and an amazing sound.

Friedman BE 50 Deluxe 50W Head

3 Channels: Buxom Betty Clean, BE Gain 1 and HBE Gain 2
Power: 50 Watts
Preamp tubes: 4x 12AX7
Power tubes: 2x EL34
Controls for channel 1: Bass - Middle - Treble - Volume
Channel 2: Gain 1 - Gain 2 - Bass - Middle - Treble - Master 1 - Master 2
Controls for channel 1 & 2: Response - Thump - FX Loop Return Level
Switches: Bright - Channel - Fat - Voice - Gain Structure - Loop - Power High/Low
Loudspeaker outputs: 4, 8 & 16 Ohms
Connections: Input - FX Loop Send & Return - Foot switch Boost - Foot switch

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This amp  sounds fantastic, and is designed to allow for great flexibility. By combining the tonal palette of his BE and HBE circuits, as well as the sparkling cleans of the Buxom Betty in his all-new BE-50 Deluxe head, Dave Friedman has, in his own words, created his best amp to date. And thanks to a few popular modifications, this 3-channel head is packed with features to sculpt your sound.

The clean channel is directly inspired by Buxom Betty's glassy, brilliant, rich sound. Not only does it sing with its own signature, but it's also a great platform for pedals. Housed in the BE-50 Deluxe, Friedman's BE and HBE gain stages, which have become industry standards for hi-gain crunch, clarity and nuance, have an incredible kick. And with independent volume and gain controls, it's a delight in terms of stage and studio possibilities. From the front panel, you can adjust the overall character of the amp using a trio of variable controls. Turn the amp around and you'll find a half-power switch and the most transparent effects loop on the market. 

2 years warranty from our workshop.