Bogner Shiva
  • Bogner Shiva

Bogner Shiva 80W Combo

Bogner Amplifier, model Shiva, 50 Watt combo, 2xEL34, 1x12" speaker, 2 channels, boost adjustable per channel, Tube effects loop, adjustable reverb per channel, footswitch.

Bogner Shiva 80W Combo

50 Watts Combo
2xEL34, B version with 2x6L6
Boost adjustable per channel
Adjustable reverb per channel
Switchable tube effects loop

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  • Bogner Shiva 80W Combo
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The shiva is a fantastic amp, that, for its characteristics, can be considered the Holy Grail of guitar players simply because it offers beautiful cleans, Fender style, with lots of headroom, as well as terrific and creamy crunch/leads, Marshall style.

Equipped with two discreet channels with each their specific set up: master volume, dedicated reverb, dedicated boost, this amp is capable of harmonic richness, headroom, sound and power. On top of that, it magnifies all the instruments that play with it, making them sing and howl all with their sonic characteristics.

Finally, it's an amp usually considered ideal for its power, easy to carry (especially head and cab), its possible set up and its sonic signature, as well as its simplicity of use. Simply well done. WE deliver it with a two year guarantee.