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Bogner Telos 20/40 Combo


Bogner Amplifier, model Telos, 40 Watts combo, 2 6L6, handwired "point-to-point", 2 volumes (clean/lead), 6 voicings (schizo switch), switch 20 Watts, Tube effects loop, Boost L/H, footswitch. Equipped with Celestion Creamback 65 1x12".

Bogner Telos 20/40 Combo

40W Combo, switchable in 20W
2 6L6 (2 KT66 can be used)
2 discreet Volumes (clean/lead)
Eq: G/B/M/T/V
Boost on Low or High frequencies adjustable
6 voicings: Blackface, Tweed, JTM normal, JTM Bright, Plexi normal et Plexi Bright
Switchable tube Fx Loop
Tube Rectifier: GZ 34
1/2 power: can be switched in 20 Watts
1x12" Celestion Creamback 65

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The new Bogner Telos amps have arrived. Designed with 6L6 power tubes, these 20/40 watts amps will be your ideal compagnons wether it's on stage, rehearsal, in the studio or at home.

Point-to-point handwired, they will also rely on boutique pre-amp tones (Schizo) and a GZ34 rectifier to allow you to achieve unmatched sound quality as well as an extreme flexibility: 2 master volumes, a boost and an FX loop. All foot-switchable.

Combo or head/cab. Delivered with a 2 year guarantee.