Laney Lionheart L5-Studio

Laney guitar tube amp head, 5 Watts, Class A, 2 channels, USB connectivity, DI, headphones output, reverb, switch included.

Laney Lionheart L5-Studio

5 Watts amp head (attenuation down to 0.5 Watts)
2 channels, G/B/M/T/V settings
Effects loop
Master volume for each channel
Footswitch included (channel and reverb)
DI and headphones outputs with speaker simulation
USB-T connectivity 

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Laney treats us with the very first all-tube amp with USB connectivity. With 5 Watts (which can be attenuated to 0.5 Watts), it is clearly intended for the studio or home use. The tubes are EL 84, so we are clearly talking about British tones. The clean channel offers rich and round tones, with lots of headroom for an amp this size. You can push the master to 6-7 with humbuckers without hearing any breakup. After that, it starts crunching, deliciously. The second channel offers a plethora of sounds, from cleans that are not very clean to JCM gain levels, depending on the settings. The reverb is immensely musical, and the equalization, though classic, is very effective.

And the cherry on top: an HP emulation on the XLR DI and headphone outputs, and a USB output that provides your PC or Mac with two signals, that of the amp and a direct signal, should you want to do some reamping. We felt spoiled, especially as its blue tolex does not go unnoticed either.