Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50 Combo

Mesa Boogie guitar amp, model Fillmore 50. All tube 50 Watts 1x12 combo, 2xEL34, 2 discrete channels with separate Master volumes, Clean/Drive/High switch on each channel. Super lightweight and portable amp with reverb. Mesa Boogie sound and quality.

Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50

Power: 50 Watts, 25W switchable
Power tubes: 2xEL34
2 discreete channels
Clean/Drive/High Gain (3 voicings) per channel
1 Loudspeaker Celestion Custom 90
2 Master Volume
2 Reverb

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Stemming from Randall Smith's original Mesa Boogie design, but set off by the overwhelming success of the Mark I circuit and its successors, the Fillmore is a vintage-voiced amp that delivers warm tones and super-sweet gain, almost melodious on their own (well, we realized that we still had to play in order to sounds really musical ...).

With two identical channels, each offering three gain levels (clean/crunch/lead), complete settings (treble, middle, bass, presence, reverb, gain, master), and two headroom levels by selecting a 25 or 50 Watts, you can quickly find a tone on the Mesa Boogie Fillmore that suits all styles, ranging from crystalline cleans to hard-rock overdrives. Less capricious than his brother Mark, it's a bit more forgiving when you dial in your tone: a millimeter on the knob does not change the whole sound you're getting. Magic inspired by vintage, classic-rock elegance, it's a killer, as we like to say.

we propose it with a two year warranty.