Electro-Harmonix Pedals

Founded in New York in 1968 by Mike Matthews, Electro-Harmonix made its mark thanks to guitarists no less influential than Jimi Hendrix and Jack White, and has established itself as a reference in terms of guitar effect pedals and bass, especially with the Big Muff (fuzz) or the Holy Grail (reverb), or moreover the Memory Man (delay).

Electro-Harmonix Pedals

Big Muff; Memory Man; Holy Grail; POG 2; Micro POG

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Big Muff: THE reference when it comes to fuzz. The raucous tone of this pedal brings an overwhelming distortion that adds almost infinite sustain to your leads.

Memoryman: analog delay of up to 550 ms, with built-in modulation (chorus / vibrato), "direct out" output for stereo effect and tap tempo.

Holy Grail: digital reverb that opens the sound of your amp into a crystalline space, with 3 modes (Spring, Hall and Flerb) and a unique mix/intensity control.

POG 2: improved version of the POG ("Poly Octave Generator"), this harmonizer/octaver can generate complex harmonics of a disconcerting cleanliness, with excellent tracking of the input signal. In addition, the pedal has 8 memory spaces to save your presets.

Micro-POG: intuitive polyphonic octave with volume control for the dry signal, upper octave and lower octave.