Ibanez Pedals

The Japanese giant has made its mark on the effects pedal market through a green box that quickly became an icon of all rock, from blues to metal: the Tube Screamer, which has been declined in several versions since its inception in 1977, has effectively been used as a creamy overdrive by Stevie Ray Vaughan, and a boost that allows current Death Metal guitarists to drive their amps more than reasonable. But Ibanez did not only create the Tube Screamer, and also offers other effects that have a place on demanding guitarists' pedalboards, like e.g. their delay.

Ibanez Pedals

Tube Screamer TS808; Tube Screamer Mini; Jet Driver

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Screamer Tube TS808: THE overdrive. It found a place on the pedalboards of all guitarists in all genres: blues, country, rock, hard rock, metal... From a boost allowing to push an amp further than it should, to a warm compression and a bump in the medium range, to saturations reproducing a tube amp overdrive, the TS808 is one of the most versatile OD pedals, with a characteristic tone and color. Often imitated, but never equaled, its controls are very sensitive. True bypass.

Tube Screamer Mini: mini version of the TS808, for overloaded pedalboards.

Jet Driver: distortion pedal reproducing the sound of a hi-gain tube amp. The midrange adjustment knob opens up a wide spectrum of tonal possibilities, and gives access to sounds ranging from American hard rock to British heavy metal. True bypass.