MXR / Dunlop Pedals

Founded in 1973 by Michael Laiacona, Keith Barr, and Terry Sherwood in Rochester, New York, MXR has set its mark with simple and effective pedals, from delays to phasers and compressors, all revered by musicians since the 70's. Owned by Dunlop, the brand continues to offer excellent analog and digital effects.

MXR / Dunlop Pedals

Custom Compression Custom Shop; Crybaby Fasel; Crybaby Dual Fasel CAE; CAE Boost; GT OD; EQ; Phase 90; Phase 95; Uni-vibe; Micro Flanger; Carbon Copy; Bass Overdrive

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Custom Compression Custom Shop: compressor from the MXR Custom Shop designed as a mix of modern and classic technology, and built with the best components available. Increased dynamic range with the IC3080 component, absolutely transparent and ultra quiet, interference-free operation, and internal attack control to precisely adjust the speed of the initial attack of the note.

Crybaby Fasel: a modern version of a classic, the circuit has been readjusted to obtain a lower frequency center and a more subtle effect, and integrates the legendary Fasel Inductor that recreates the sound, voicing and sweep of the original Cry Baby. True bypass.

Crybaby Dual Fasel CAE: designed with Custom Audio Electronics, this versatile wah features two Fasel inductors with two distinct voices (high frequency boost or bass and midrange resonance), and incorporates an MXR MC401 Boost/LineDriver for further flexibility, which can be activated with kickswitches on the side. Internal potentiometers for Q and gain settings, and true bypass.

CAE Boost: from a circuit designed by CAE to solve the problem of frequency loss lost due to long cables and overloaded pedalboards, the CAE Boost/Line Driver incorporates a clean boost (up to + 20dB) for solos or to drive effects with more dynamics and sensitivity.

GT OD: creamy and warm overdrive with a classic timbre. Silent when engaged, it does not color the sound of your guitar and you can quickly dial in a suiting setting, from crunchy rhythms preserving the clarity of strummed chords to thunderous harmonics with tons of sustain.

EQ: 10-band graphic equalizer with gain control and on/off switch, to sculpt your sound in every possible detail.

Phase 90: legendary phaser with modern sound, adjustable with a button, to go from subtle modulation to interstellar "woosh". A reference.

Phase 95: combines the effects of Phase 90 (modern) and Phase 45 (vintage) in a mini pedal, which will find room even on the most loaded pedalboards.

Uni-vibe: updated to meet the demands of today's musicians, the MXR Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato is now available in a standard box and incorporates a true bypass. A switch and three buttons to select the mode (Chorus or Vibrato), to adjust the volume of the effect, the sweep rate and the overall intensity.

Micro Flanger: from jet plane to outer space atmospheres, the Micro Flanger is based on the reference sounds of the MXR M117 Flanger released in the 80s. Transparent pedal and 100% analog signal for a warm and organic sound.

Carbon Copy: analog delay, up to 600 ms, with modulation control. Another reference of the brand, by which it has made its mark on all the pedalboards, from country guitar players to metalheads.

Bass Overdrive: overdrive for bass with a warm tone, perfectly simulating the saturation of a cranked tube amp. "Clean" control to mix a clean signal with predefined EQ and the saturated signal, giving out a soft and velvety mix.