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JHS Pedals is the result of Josh Scott's desire to produce quality handmade effects that stand out in a saturated market. Founded in 2007 (history says it's through the accidental DIY repair of a Boss Blues Driver in Josh's apartment in Jackson, MS), JHS Pedals has grown into a globally recognized boutique effects pedal company. In the era of machine-made and mass-assembled guitar effects, JHS builds each unit by hand by passionate, detail-oriented people. And you can actually hear it. True bypass, obviously.

JHS Pedals

The Prestige; Mini Foot Fuzz; Angry Charlie v3; The AT Signature Channel Drive; Moonshine; Super Bolt v2; Muffuletta; Panther Club; Spring Tank; Mini A/B; Little Black Amp Box; Little Black Buffer

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The Prestige: booster/buffer in mini format, with a volume knob, to send a powerful signal to your amp and crank it.

Mini Foot Fuzz: just what's necessary, but nothing is missing. A fuzz with a thick and assertive grain, with two settings: volume and gain. Simple, effective, and devilishly enchanting.

Angry Charlie v3: overdrive pedal with natural hi-gain distortion, three-band equalizer, delivering a very precise and articulated tone ranging from blues (a bit rough, like Hendrix) to  big fat hard rock guns (Slash type - yes we know, they are quite the same).

The Signature Channel Drive AT: Andy Timmons signature overdrive. Warm and dynamic, thanks to the "Air" setting that opens the response of high frequencies (a bit like the "Presence" setting on an amp) and an equalization potentiometer for brilliance. A switch allows you to choose the type of overdrive between those of an amp of 25, 50 or 100 watts, in order to simulate more or less "headroom".

Moonshine: an overdrive that is totally not transparent. It has its own character, but it is easily tamed. Simple settings, and a switch to select the type of saturation (low-gain or hi-gain).

Super Bolt v2: an overdrive with a resolutely vintage grain, ranging from the simple tickling of the tubes to their total meltdown in a blues-rock magma.

Muffuletta: finally a fuzz pedal that does not expect us to make any compromise. With its 6 fuzz modes, it covers all the fuzz-types that have made history, from the American FuzzFace to the Russian Big Muff. As we said: no compromise.

Panther Club: up to one second of analog delay, bucket brigade technology and tap tempo, with modulation, active equalization and ratio selector. From Brad Paisley to The Edge in a pinch, you'll just need inspiration. But somehow, she brings that to the table as well.

Pink Panther: digital delay with a very authentic tone, up to 1000 milliseconds, with tap tempo, rhythmic subdivisions and modulation.

Spring Tank: reverb very convincingly simulating the spring reverb of an amp, twice: the pedal includes two dry/wet mix settings, in order to be able to go from a light and floating reverb to an atmospherical wallow allowing to create melodious volutes and sound layers with one kick.

Mini A/B: A very small A/B box, that does its job without interfering in the affairs of others. Ultra convenient to free space on the pedalboard.

Little Black Amp Box: to hell with attenuators. Plug the Little Black Amp Box into the effects loop of your amp and adjust the power of the signal that passes to the power amp, without reducing the gain, with a knob. Essential if you have an amp without a Master. What a great idea!

Little Black Buffer: a simple and very effective buffer. It's one of our favorites.