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Lovepedal has made a name for itself in the world of boutique guitar effect pedals, in large part thanks to designer Sean Michael's dedication to tone quality and minimalist aesthetics. Sean started drawing guitar pedals in the early 1990s in a quest for classic tones that he simply could not obtain from the mass-produced rack units that dominated the market at the time. Today, the wide range of Lovepedal pedals is simply beautiful; tonally and visually. And also designed in limited series, which means that when you find one that you like, you have to go for it ! Totally true bypass.

Lovepedal Pedals

Kalamazoo; Purple Plexi

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Kalamazoo: a warm and creamy overdrive, which stays soft even when pushed, and is extremely responsive to the guitar's volume rollback. In addition to the classic Drive, Level and Tone settings, it includes a "Glass" setting, which increases the highs' response without attenuating the lows.

Purple Plexi: natural and dynamic overdrive with excellent low frequency response, perfectly simulating the saturation of the famous British rock/hard rock amps, with a progressive gain setting in order to dial in tones ranging from JMP to JCM 800.

Dover Drive: inspired by the famous B.K. Butler and Chandler Tube Driver so revered by David Gilmour and Eric Johnson, the Dover Drive delivers a creamy overdrive that can be pushed to a disheveled fuzz.

The Lius: to put it simply, it's a Tweed in a pedal, with a switch to chose between a Tweed Deluxe or a Hi powered Twin, that has extremely convincingly tone.

Deluxe 5E3: the sound of a Tweed 5E3 Deluxe pedal, with volume settings, gain/bias, and a 3-way switch to select the level of headroom.

Tchula: a boost that allows to easily access a variety of tones reminiscent of Hendrix or ZZ Top, opening the sound of your guitar to push your amp into crunch or even fuzz territory.

Pickle Vibe: mini vibrato pedal, with vintage tone, and super easy to adjust with a button.

Amp Eleven: overdrive pedal, with creamy tone rich in harmonics, and an integrated boost to push your guitar in front of the stage during solos.

Englishmen: for lovers of Vox sound, this pedal will do its little effect. Natural overdrive and punchy, typed ... Vox, so. With the advantage of not deafening the continent.

Amp 50: mini boost/overdrive pedal, which sort of adds an additional gain knob to your amp. Just to make it even naughtier.