Mad Professor Pedals

The Mad Professor pedals, designed by Wizard Bjorn Juhl, are built in Finland by a team of experienced engineers. Available in PCB and hand-wired variants, they deliver gigantic tone at very competitive prices. Built with the intention of interacting perfectly with each other, they allow musicians to create beautiful soundscapes.

Mad Professor Pedals

Little Green Wonder; Twimble; Silver Spring Reverb

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Little Green Wonder: overdrive with low compression levels and high output, allowing you to get typical blues-rock tones, and a special bass/mids balance setting to shape you tone.

Twimble: the Dumble tone in a pedal. At first we did not believe it, and then we plugged it in... Its very complete settings make it possible to go from clean crystalline or round and warm tones to a warm and dynamic overdrive, which does more than recall the amp revered by (among others) Joe Bonamassa, since it renders it very credibly.

Silver Spring Reverb: digital/analog reverb (the analog signal remains preserved through the processing), with a natural and authentic sound, free from any distortion or coloration.