Vemuram Jan Ray

Founded with the purpose of creating the ultimate pedal overdrive/distortion, Vemuram designs and offers pedals completely worthy of its claims, entirely handcrafted in Japan. Basing its production on a sharp expertise of tone and knowledge of the needs and desires of guitarists, and crafting pedals with high quality components and high quality workmanship, Vemuram is deeply rooted in the boutique spirit, from its values to its products.

Vemuram Jan Ray

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The Vemuram Jan Ray is a transparent overdrive pedal that offers a boost and sustain without adverse effects or artificial compression. With simple settings for gain, volume, bass and treble, the Jan Ray also has a small trimer for the amount of saturation you want. Give your tube amp a kick in the bottom while retaining the sound characteristics of your guitar, to precisely find the tones of a 60s Blackface.