Friedman Pedals

Created by Dave Friedman, engineer behind iconic sounds like Eddie Van Halen's, Steve Stevens' and Jerry Cantrell's, Friedman Amplifications offers hand-wired amps made in the United States, using carefully selected components, producing high quality tone and high quality workmanship. Their effects pedals are a reflection of this mindset and the care taken in the brand's amps: uncompromising quality, reliable construction and breathtaking tone.

Friedman Pedals

Friedman SIR-Comp; Friedman Dirty Shirley; Friedman OD

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Friedman SIR-Comp: compressor with high frequencies control and gain knob, which compensates for a possible loss of dynamics, and boosts the signal to bring it into a slight overdriven territory. True bypass.

Friedman Dirty Shirley: the "British" sound of Friedman's one-channel amp Dirty Shirley in a pedal! Three-band EQ, gain, presence and volume controls. True bypass.

Friedman OD: the authentically "British" grain of Friedman's BE-100 amp in a pedal! Two-band EQ with bass frequency range selector (through the "Tight" potentiometer), gain, presence and volume controls. True bypass.