Boss Pedals

Of japanese origin, reliable and sturdy, the BOSS pedals have intuitive controls and practical ergonomics for the stage and the studio. Some of their sounds have entered the legend, and they are found on most pedalboards. They are have an internal buffer.

Boss Pedals

Chromatic Tuner TU-3, Compression Sustainer CS-3, Dynamic Wah AW-3, Booster/Feedbacker FB-2, Blues Driver BD-2, Super OD SD-1W, Overdrive OD-3, Super Overdrive SD-1, Distortion DS-1, Power Stack ST-2, Phase Shifter PH-3, Tremolo TR-2, Super Chorus CH-1, Flanger BF-3, Super Octave OC-3, Digital Delay DD-3, Digital Delay DD-7, Looper RC-1, Looper RC-3, Looper RC-30, Looper RC-300, Bass Equalizer GEB-7, Bass Driver BB-1X, Harmonist PS-6, Boss Reverb RV-6

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Chromatic Tuner TU-3: chromatic tuner, for guitars and basses. High-Brightness mode to increase meter visibility in bright areas.

Compression Sustainer CS-3: compresses the strongest signals while boosting the weakest signals, ensuring sustain without degrading the original sound quality. A classic.

Dynamic Wah AW-3: a wide range of classic and dynamic wah-wah effects, as well as a new humanizor effect that simulates vocal sounds. Inputs for bass and expression pedal.

Booster/Feedbacker FB-2: clean boost, able to also generate a very natural amp feedback.

Blues Driver BD-2: simulates the sound of an old tube amp, giving immediate access to warm and creamy crunch.

Super OD SD-1W: very natural overdrive of the Waza Craft range, with analog circuit, and a switch from standard mode (the sound of the classic SD-1, with less noise) to custom mode (boosts the bass and gain).

Overdrive OD-3: overdrive rich in harmonics, with warm and dynamic sound.

Super Overdrive SD-1: overdrive simulating a cranked tube amp, offering warm and authentic overdriven tones.

Distortion DS-1: the reference in BOSS distortions, it is perfect for all types of rock, from soft to hard, and reacts finely to the dynamics of the attack and of the guitar pickups.

Power Stack ST-2: from greasy crunch to ultra-high-gain with the turn of a progressive knob, with EQ controls to refine your tone.

Phase Shifter PH-3: vintage sounding phaser with modern possibilities thanks to "Rise" and "Fall" controls for unidirectional effects, and a tap tempo function. Entry for expression pedal/tap tempo controller.

Tremolo TR-2: vintage tremolo with wave type control (triangular or square) for a subtle or pronounced effect.

Super Chorus CH-1: a chorus offering a full range of shimmery tone, from gentle flickering to hellish spirals.

Flanger BF-3: simple and effective flanger, allowing access to all the possibilities of the genre at the tip of your fingers.

Super Octave OC-3: three harmonization modes ("Polyphonic Octave", "Drive" - including distortion, and the original "OC-2" mode that adds an octave). Dedicated bass input.

Digital Delay DD-3: ultra clean delay ranging from 12.5 to 800 milliseconds. "Direct Out" output for a true stereo effect.

Digital Delay DD-7: 1 to 6400 milliseconds of clinically clean delay, with modulation, analog and reverse modes, and a "Hold" function to loop up to 40 seconds.

Looper RC-1: Up to 12 minutes of loop, with mono and stereo connectivity, and a progress indicator signaling where you are in the loop.

Looper RC-3: up to 3 hours of loop in mono or stereo, with the ability to record up to 99 loops, input for mp3 player, USB input to export loops to your computer, and drum loops.

Looper RC-30: double pedal, offering all their features of the RC-3, twice!

Looper RC-300: Extensive loop station integrating many features allowing you to create a whole musical environment, completely solo.

Bass Equalizer GEB-7: 7-band graphic equalizer, with active volume to sculpt your sound down to the last detail.

Bass Driver BB-1X: bass preamp, delivering an overdrive that simulates a cranked tube amp and offers a wide range of tones with its integrated equalization.

Harmonist PS-6: 4 intelligent pitch-shifting effects and 3-way harmonizer, "Detune" and "Super Bend" modes, offering authentic pedal bending effect and sweeps up to 3 or 4 octaves.

Boss Reverb RV-6: a complete digital reverb, offering 8 modes (Hall, Room, Plate, Spring, Modulation, Reverb + Delay, Shimmer, Dynamic).