Vertex Dynamic Distortion

Vertex Dynamic Distortion pedal. TS type overdrive and Big Muff type fuzz in one, both are impressive.
Vertex Dynamic Distortion

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Vertex pedals are handcrafted in Northern California. Materials are sourced in the USA, and the hardware and components are of the highest quality. The tone and reliability are exceptional. The possibilities are endless.

Dynamic Distortion has all the benefits of combining the tonal DNA of these historic pedals: the Germanium Fuzz of the 60's and the Tube Screamer of the 8's, without any of their drawbacks. Use a buffer before or after the pedal without any compromise on tone, get classic fuzz sounds that cut through the mix, get the full sweep of your wah pedal with Dynamic Distortion set to Fuzz (impossible with a vintage fuzz), and get the perfect overdrive sound with a killer midrange.

2 years warranty from our workshop.