Ludwig Keystone X 3 Rock OS

Ludwig drumset, model Keystone X, ideal for rock style, 3 shell set, Olive Sparkle finish, without hardware.

Ludwig Keystone X 3 Rock OS

Brand: Ludwig
Series: Keystone X
Woods: maple/oak
Style: rock
3 shell set
Shells: 12/14/20
Finish: Olive Sparkle
Without hardware

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  • Ludwig Keystone X 3 Rock OS
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Ludwig is known for doing quality drums from 1900 and made in the USA and offers high end drums since then ; this legendary manufacturer made history of drums. Top series are made in the USA while the entry level kits come from China. Ludwig is a classic designed drum factory with plenty of finishes and options.

The Keystone X series integrates a new building concept. Whenever it keeps its legendary sound quality, this series offers to the drummer more punch, power and attack. Inspired from Legacy and Classic Custom drum series, this kit is more dedicated to modern music drummers. Thank to the combination of 3 maple plies and 2 oak plies, this hybrid drum kit offers a dense and no like other response result.

This drumset has a 2 year warranty including spare parts. Our workshop also offers a custom drum service including tuning and drum optimization which allows your drum to sound like you want to.