Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple 4 FUS RA

Yamaha drumkit, Absolute Hybrid Maple series, 4 shells, maple/wenge kit, fusion, size (10, 12, 14, 20), in Red Autumn finish, without hardware.

Yamaha AHM 4 FUS RA

Brand: Yamaha
Series: Absolute Hybrid Maple
Style: fusion
Material: maple/wenge
Shells: 4

  • Yamaha AHM 4 FUS RA
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Yamaha instruments have been proven since the company was founded in 1887, and used to make organs. Built from excellent materials, with high craftmanship, these instruments are of impeccable quality. From drums to guitars, to accordions and keyboards, Yamaha's range extends from beginner study instruments to professional concert pieces.

Yamaha is the first manufacturer to offer hybrid shell in his high end PHX drum range. As the name evocates it, the Absolute Maple Hybrid kit combines north american maple and wenge. This combination produces tonal expression and a wide range of dynamics which offers most finest playing of the musician. Every shell is equipped with hook lugs that are partially taken off and this system coming from the PHX series offer the natural tone of the shell. It also allows to change the head quick and simple and offer a precise tuning. This technology of hybrid shells sound absolutely great, must hear it to believe it.

2 years warranty from our workshop.