Yamaha Stage Custom Birch SBP2F5BK

Yamaha drumkit, Stage Custom model, 100% lacquered birch, 5 shells set, rock oriented, very versatile.

Yamaha Stage Custom

Brand: Yamaha
Series: Stage Custom
Style: all
5 shell set

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Yamaha instruments have been proven since the company was founded in 1887, and used to make organs. Built from excellent materials, with high craftmanship, these instruments are of impeccable quality. From drums to guitars, to accordions and keyboards, Yamaha's range extends from beginner study instruments to professional concert pieces.

This Stage Custom 100% birch drumkit produces a punchy sound with prominent bass and highs. It is ideal for rock, and very fitting in other musical styles, and intended for experienced drummers.

2 years warranty from our workshop.