Ludwig Gigabeats Limited FUS 5 MAEBST

Ludwig drumset, model Gigabeats, ideal for fusion style, 3 shell set, Macassar ebony satin finish, without hardware.


Brand: Ludwig
Series: Gigabeats
Style: fusion
3 shell set
Shells: 12/14/20
Finish: Macassar ebony satin
Without hardware

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Ludwig is known for doing quality drums from 1900 and made in the USA and offers high end drums since then ; this legendary manufacturer made history of drums. Top series are made in the USA while the entry level kits come from China. Ludwig is a classic designed drum factory with plenty of finishes and options.

This model comes from the Gigabeats Signet series made in the USA with maple shells and a outer ply of Macassar, it also comes with 45° bearing edges and RIMS suspension system for the toms. About the sound character, the kit offers a rich response with well balanced low, medium and high frequencies . This drum kit could be a companion all styles of music as well as recording sessions. The finish made with an external ply of satin oil Macassar makes this drum very natural.

This drumset has a 2 year warranty including spare parts. Our workshop also offers a custom drum service including tuning and drum optimization which allows your drum to sound like you want to.