Tama Silverstar Limited ALL 3 VGDL

Tama drumset, model Silverstar, limited series with short depth, ideal for all styles, 3 shell set, Vintage Duo Lacquer finish, without hardware.


Brand: Tama
Series: SLS
Type: limited series
Style: all styles
3 shell set
Shells: 12/14/20
Finish: VGDL
Without hardware

  • Tama SLS LTD 3 VGDL
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Tama is known for doing quality drums from 1960 and made in Japan. Nowadays, Tama is making different series of drums from the entry level (made in China) to the high-end range, which is made in Japan with the seek of excellence. Our related limited drums comes from the Silverstar series made of birch shells, it also comes with the Star- mount resonance system for the tom toms and Sound Arc drum hoops for keeping your tune right.

As far as the sound character is concerned, the kit offers a rich dynamic response with predominant high and low frequencies. This drum kit could be a companion for small gigs or reduced space stages and it also fits well for practicing. The gradation paint comes impressive with the quality lacquer finish.

This drumset has a 2 year warranty including spare parts. Our workshop also offers a custom drum service including tuning and drum optimization which allows your drum sound like you want to.