Vox AC30HW Combo

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Vox Amplifier, model AC-30HW, Handwired version, Combo 2x12' producing 30 Watts, 4 EL84, 2 channel (Normal and Top Boost), Celestion Greenback equipped.

Vox AC30HW Combo

Power 30 watts, 15 watt switch
Power output tubes 4 x EL84
2 Celestion Greenbacks
Normal and Top Boost channels
Normal channel with bright switch
Top Boost Channel with cool/hot switch
Footswitch (tremolo)

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Drawing upon more than 60 years of heritage, VOX Hand-Wired amplifiers have been painstakingly designed to provide players with the pure, rich guitar tone that VOX is famous for. The VOX Hand-Wired series provides guitarists with simple, yet sophisticated tonal palette that incorporates the best of both vintage and modern amplifier design. Complete with vintage correct fawn-colored vinyl, point-to-point hand-wired turret board construction, genuine Celestion speakers, and solid wood cabinets, the VOX Hand-Wired Series from VOX offer a rich variety of authentic VOX tonal shadings.

These new series have two channels: the normal channel and the legendary top boost channel. The volume channel has a "bright" switch, which makes it more operational than in the "old days" when you had a dark sound that could not be tweaked. The top boost channel on the other side of the fancy front panel has a cool/hot switch the allows you to instantly reach for the best crunch licks that you've ever been able to reach. Finally, with its 15/30 Watts switch, this monster can now operate with either 2 or 4 El84's, allowing you to chill out when in a small environment. This one is with Celestion Greenbacks. A true legend revisited for the best.

We propose it with a two year warranty.