65 Amps Ventura Combo
  • 65 Amps Ventura Combo

65 Amps Ventura Combo

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65 Amps amplifier, model Ventura. Combo 1x12' Celestion, 2 6V6, point-to-point construction, 2 channels, bump switch, FX loop, class A, Master Voltage.

65 Amps Ventura Combo

Power: 20 Watts
Power valves: 2x6V6
2 channel
Bump actionnable on the two channels (4 voicings)
Fx Loop
Master Voltage
Weight: 16.3 Kg (36lbs)

  • 65 Amps Ventura Combo
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65 Amps are made for the discerning player who is searching for the best of old and new tones in a modem, reliable, and road-worthy amp. Inspired by the best amp voices in 60's Rock-n-Roll, 65amps™ bring together a robust combination of the best tube amps of the 60's. Do not be fooled though, these little monsters can keep up with the likes of any modern amp. The classic voicing, surprising touch-sensitivity, dripping sweet even-order harmonics, and outstanding dynamic range of 65amps—is something every serious tone-seeker will instantly appreciate! 65amps retain all the chime, jangle and articulate, musical detail of your favorite 60's amps, yet they can scream and wail with enough soulful expression to bring out the best in you and your guitar. At home on stage or in the studio, 65amps" are the perfect addition to any stage rig, studio roster, or your amp room at home. 65's are custom voiced, hand-wired amps made by seasoned musicians with painstaking attention to tone and detail and absolutely no compromises.

The Ventura, here in its combo version, which also exists in head+cab configuration, is the perfect disciple of the above philosophy. It's fantastic amp, compact, easy to carry, designed to fit to every situation, with solid wood construction. Equipped with 2 6V6, it is obviously an amp that bases its sound on a historical Fender voicing, in between tweeds ans blackface, depending on how you set the tone knob. On top of this, an additional bump switch actionable by foot is available, which makes it super practical when you're after crunch licks. Finally, with it's 2nd channel, also actionable by foot, it can reach outstanding and musical leads, which magnify the harmonic richness of all your instruments. And moreover, there is Master Voltage, that runs on the final power output, allowing you to play at any volume level by keeping the dynamics and the sensitivity of your final sound. The perfect compact amp, with a total musicality.

We propose it with a two year guarantee.