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FX Dr. B.

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FX amplifier, model Dr. B. Monochannel of 20W, 2 6L6, bright and deep switches, Tweed/Blackface/Boost switch, can be played on 2W.

FX Dr. B. 20W Head

Power 20 Watts, switchable into 2W
Power tubes 2 x 6V6
Controls: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume
Mode Switch: tweed, backache, boost
Other Switches: bright, deep
Fx Loop 

  • FX Dr. B. 20W Head
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The FX amps philosophy is rather simple: to offer the best in point-to-point construction at a reasonable volume output (20 Watts) and at a reasonable price. This is quite logical these days, as guitar players do not play lounder like they use to, and the 20 Watts formula appears adaptive to every situation, especially for those who want to travel light when they have a gig/rehearsal/jam session. In order to reach this (power/price/place), FX amps has developed similar chassis to all amps, does not adjust bias (you can swap or change tubes by yourself) with all tubes that have made the history of Rock. This allows for many possible voicings: Fender-type, Marshall-type, Bogner, Hiwatt, etc. always with effective tone controls and clever boost options. 

The FX amp, model Dr. B, or blackface for the connoisseur, is totally devoted to this philosophy. 6V6 Power tubes and a bright switch equipped, the Doctor features also a mode toggle that can help you to revive this tweed/blackface/boost tones, that are an absolute masterpiece. Because, when you're able to do Tweed rock with rich mediums, blackface scooped midshipmen's and Fender-type à la SRV in one amp, it is going to be difficult to do better in a lunchbox format of only 13 Kg. Moreover, this cute monster have affects loop, master volume, can be played at a bedroom level of 2W. It's just another level. You can only try it and adopt it. Ah, I forgot, there is also a mini-switch called "deep" that give extra headroom. An everything can customized to your tolex cover color and any speaker configuration. Juste awesome.

We propose it with a two year warranty.