MTP K-15

MTP French horn, model K-15, in yellow brass, 11.90mm bore, 280mm fixed bell, lacquer finish, with case.

MTP K-15

Key: F
Bore: 11.90
Brass bell diameter: 280mm
Adjustable thumb and hand rests
Finish: lacquer
Mouthpiece and case included

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The MTP K-15 is an excellent French horn specially designed for children. Its lightweight construction (only 1,5kg) with fully adjustable elements (thumb and hand rests) make it suitable to any morphology.

Built in the key of F, it generates a typical warm French horn sound despite its more compact body platform. It offers unprecedented ease of playing and homogeneity, a very precise intonation, which helps students develop a good ear.

With a 2-year warranty from our workshop.