Geneva Symphony in Bb silver

Geneva Bb cornet, model Symphony, 11.50mm bore, 120mm goldbrass bell, silver-plated finish, with case.

Geneva Symphony argenté

Key: Bb
Bore : 11,50 mm
Bell : goldbrass, 120 mm
Waterkeys: 2
Triggers: 1st and 3rd slide
Accessories: case, heavy bottom valve caps, lyre
Finish: silver-plated, available in clear lacquer finish

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  • Geneva Symphony argenté
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The Geneva Symphony Cornet delivers a wide range of nice and sweet tones. Inspired by the legacy models played in Brass Bands, its tones, playability, quality of workmanship and finish are nothing but the best. This high-end instrument will by all means meet the requirements of the most discerning musicians. Both sound definition and projection will insure his happy owner to cut through. 

The accurate adjustment of its piston valves and the two triggers (1st and 3rd slide) allow for a great playability and smoothness that will supply the satisfy to the needs of the most stringent musicians in a wide range repertoire.

With a two-year warranty fom our workshop.