Yamaha YCR 8335
  • Yamaha YCR 8335

Yamaha YCR-8335

Yamaha Bb professional cornet, model YCR 8335 "Neo", 11,90 mm bore, 125,5 mm brass bell, Monel pistons valves, trigger on 1st and 3rd tuning slides, lacquered finish, with case. Also available in silver plated finish.


Key: Bb
Bell Material: one piece, yellow brass Bell
Diameter: 125.5mm
Bore Size: L 11.9mm
Weight: Heavy
Finish: Clear lacquer
Mouthpiece: CR-16ES
Case: included

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The superb YCR-8335 is characterised by an open, colourful sound and improved playability compared to previous models.

It features a redesigned leadpipe to provide optimal playing resistance The one-piece gold bell delivers warmer tonal colours and improved response compared with the yellow brass bell model The new trigger location provides a higher level of comfort and control A new location for the water key chimney adds resonance and contributes to less turbulence through the tuning slide

With a two year warranty from our shop.