Buffet Crampon Bb Prodige 17/6

Buffet Crampon Bb student clarinet, model BC2541 prodige, in ABS, 17/6, silver plated keys, leather pads, with original case and accessories.


Key: Bb
Pitch: 442 Hz
Body: ABS
Keys: 17 (18 on option)
Rings: 6
Thumb rest: adjustable
Keywork finish: silver-plated
Springs: blue steel
Pads: leather
Case: backpack assembly

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The Buffet Crampon Prodige Bb clarinet is the latest addition to the maker’s novice line. It features a newly developed bore and bell, inspired by the famous E13 model, and offers unprecedented ease of playing and projection and a very precise intonation, which helps students develop a good ear and will also meet the expectations of the more advanced players.

Buffet has succeeded in finding a very nice balance, which makes the Prodige an affordable option but still comes with a very reliable mechanism, professional sound and intonation, easy playability and demands very little maintenance. By using high-quality ABS plastic with a wood-like texture, not only the price of the Prodige can be kept much more attractive than a traditional Grenadilla wood clarinet but also the weight is much lower, the clarinet requires less maintenance and there is much less risk of fractures in the instrument. A genuine Buffet clarinet remaining faithful to the revered maker’s tradition!

With a 2-year warranty from our work shop.