Buffet Crampon bass Prestige 1193 to the low C

Buffet-Crampon professional bass clarinet, model BC1193 Prestige, to the low C, in grenadilla, silver-plated keys, with backpack case.


Key: Bb
Range: to the low C
Pitch: 440/442 Hz
Body material: Selected natural grenadilla or composite ‘’GreenlinE ‘’
Bocal : adjustable, in two parts
Bell: silver-plated nickel-silver, with low C tonehole
Tenons: seamed
Low G resonance
Eb-Ab lever
Double vent tube
Adjustable thumb-rest
Springs: blue stainless-steel
Pads: leather and natural cork
Adjustable integrated floor-stand
Lightweight backpack case

Other optional models :

BC 183 : identical model to the low Eb
BC 1183R : recently added to the line, this low D model allows to perform most of the repertoire. It is however supplied with a removable basset extension for both low C# and C, when needed. 

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The Prestige BC1193 professional bass clarinet is a perfect representative of Buffet Campon's expertise at its best level. With a range to the low C, this premium grenadilla instrument features a very complete keywork, with an Eb/Ab lever, a resonance vent on the bell and three low D keys. Its warm and broad sound meets the requirements of most professionals for orchestral, chamber music and reeds quartet works. 

Generally speaking, the bass clarinet has been drastically improved over the last decades in terms of playability, ergonomics and intonation. The BC1193 achievement, undertaken under the guidance of Jean-Marc Volta (professing at the Paris CRR) evidences Buffet Crampon's know-how. Particular care was dedicated to the keywork ergonomics. The two lttle finger keys (grouping up to eight keys) feel smooth and comfortable. In addition to the thumb C and C# keys, there is a triple D spatula to improve playability. The bocal is made of two adjustable parts and could be easily disassembled for maintenance. Premium seasoned grenadilla wood has been selected for the two joints (optional GreenlinE composite material) while the forged keys are silver-plated. The pads are either waterproof leather or cork for utmost sealing stability and durability. 

Supplied in a lightweight backpack case and our workshop two years comprehensive warranty, the Prestige bass clarinet is a must-have for the discerning performer !